Welcome Algebra students!

  • The class syllabus for Algebra 1-Part 1. The class syllabus for Algebra 1.
  • Each day, you will complete a bell ringer activity when you arrive to class. These tasks can be found at the following websites:
    • Quarter 1: Estimate180.com: Choose one of the estimation questions. List a guess that you know would be too high. Too low. Provide an estimate and give a rationale as to how you reached your conclusion.
    • Quarter 2:Visual Patterns: The daily Bell Ringer Activity should be done in your notebook.
    • Quarter 3: Math Mistakes: A website where you examine the mathematical errors in student work.
    • Quarter 4:101 Questions: A website where you show your mathematical curiosity.

Other than daily homework, these assignments will be due on the last school day of each week.
  • For the video assignments below, you are to view the videos and then do two things: 1) Give an estimate of what you think the correct answer will be. 2) Create a three-part plan that you could use in solving the problem. The three-part plan should include a) a description of what you know. b) a listing of things you'll need to know. c) a summary of how you will use this information in generating a possible solution.
Quarter 1
  • Week 1- Bucky the Badger
  • Week 2- Logic Problems
  • Week 4- Discussion Board (1-2)
  • Week 6- Brita Filter How many times would the water bottles used in the US wrap around the world?
  • Week 8- Speed of Light What does the speed of light look like?
Quarter 2
  • Week 2- Discussion Board (3-4)
  • Week 4- Speed of Sound How far is the camera from the explosion?
  • Week 6- Sugar Packets How many packets of sugar in a bottle of soda?
  • Week 8- Discussion Board (5-6)
Quarter 3
  • Week 2- Discussion Board (7-8)
  • Week 4- Gummy Bear How many regular bears equals the super bear?
  • Week 6- Bolt How fast is Usain Bolt running?
  • Week 8- Discussion Board (9-10)
Quarter 4
  • Week 2- Amazon
  • Week 4- Partial Products What is the total grocery bill?
  • Week 6- Discussion Board (11-12)
  • Week 8- Discussion Board (13-15)
  • Week 9- Discussion Board (16-18)


  • APPS for iPad: gFlash+, JumboStopWatch, Prezi, Flow, Mobimathslite, Animoto, Toontastic, Soundrop, Protractor, Oops, Algebra, FactorRace, Angle Meter, Math Ref Free, Socrative, Khan Academy, GoodNotes, Evernote