Welcome Algebra students!

HOMEWORK** Jan 18, 2013 Intro to Logarithms, Jan 22nd, 2013 Solving Logarithm Equations Jan 25th, 2013 Laws of LogarithmsJan 29, 2013 Solving Logarithmic Equations Jan 31, 2013 The Number "e" and Natural Logs

  • For the video assignments below, you are to view the videos and then do two things: 1) Give an estimate of what you think the correct answer will be. 2) Create a three-part plan that you could use in solving the problem. The three-part plan should include a) a description of what you know. b) a listing of things you'll need to know. c) a summary of how you will use this information in generating a possible solution.

Assignments: Other than daily homework, these assignments will be due on the last school day of each week.

  • Quarter 1
    • Week 2- Oxford Murders, Discussion Board
    • Week 3- How Green Is Your Valley, Discussion Board
    • Week 4- Discussion Board
    • Week 5- Discussion Board
    • Week 6- LIttle Big League Discussion Board
    • Week 7- Eleventh Hour, Discussion Board
    • Week 8- , Discussion Board
    • Week 9- , Simpsons, Discussion Board
  • Oxford Murders- Do you agree or disagree with the professor's opinion that there is no way of finding an absolute truth? What does the student mean when he says, "I believe in the number pi." Do you agree? Give 5 examples that support the quote that "the essence of nature is mathematical." Do you think nature operated using a mathematical pattern that we've discovered or have we created mathematics to describe nature? Visit the following link. Scroll down until you see the video titled "Oxford Murders." View the clip.

  • How Green Is Your Valley- Solve the systems of equations problem presented in the video clip. Change 2 of the 3 valve rates. What is the solution to your new problem?

  • Little Big League- Show that a x b divided by a + b is the same as the formula we use for work. How much time does it take if a third person helps who takes 8 hrs alone?

  • Eleventh Hour- List the first 20 terms of the Fibonnaci sequence. What is the sum of the first twenty terms?

  • Simpsons- Solve two of the three problems presented in the video. Visit the following link. Scroll down until you see the Simpsons video clip. View the clip.
  • Soccer Ball Parabola- Estimate an equation that would describe any of the parabolas you see in the video. Explain why you think your equation is reasonable.