Kyle Nobbe-- Mathematics Teacher Portfolio

I believe that students need to be fearless problem solvers. Today's world calls all of us to be critical, creative thinkers. In a mathematics classroom, students develop the reasoning and logic skills to become pioneers of creativity and innovation for the next generation. By giving students the opportunity to practice critical thought and supporting the formation of this thought, students gain experience and confidence in solving unique problems. Guided by well-formed instructional practices and enhanced through the use of technology and manipulatives, students experience mathematics from both a theoretical and experiential perspective.

In the Classroom

Sample Lessons
  • Algebra 1-Inquiry Unit -A 6-part investigation into the concepts of parallel and perpendicular lines, rates of change, best fit lines, and systems of equations. Students work together to discover the patterns and trends inherent in these concepts at their own pace.
  • Calculus- Volume of Solids of Revolution and Cross-sectional Areas- Students model the curves of the decoration using functions. Then, they estimate the volume of the decoration after opening up fully. Students working to create a scale model to represent volume with cross-sectional areas.
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  • Geometry- Coffee Carrier- Students work in teams to determine how much coffee to order for the grandparent's day breakfast.
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  • PreCalculus- Graphing in 3-dimensional space--Students explore the concept of 3D space by seeing their yearbook pictures suspended from the ceiling of the classroom. Each student's picture is positioned at a unique coordinate.

  • Conic Sections(see page 14)--As a culminating assignment for our unit on conic sections, students were asked to design a Putt-putt golf hole using the concepts associated with parabolas and ellipses.
  • Common Core Assessments--In keeping with current assessment trends on a state and national level, I use a combination of web-based and paper based assessment tools. Test questions are either Multiple Response or Extended Response.
  • Volume--Students were instructed to create a Christmas ornament using the shapes we discussed in geometry. They were assessed in their ability to calculate the surface area and volume of their ornament.
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Sample Student Work

  • A review of piece-wise functions. Students were asked to take a corporate logo and model the image using functions and transformations.
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Technology Resources For Instruction
  • Algebra 1 iBook- I'm in the process of creating my own textbook for Algebra 1 that implements to a greater degree than existing textbooks critical thinking, problem solving, and alignment to the CCSS.

Community Involvement

Cincinnati Zoo- Mural Project--Our school's ecology club designed this mural in cooperation with the Cincinnati Zoo to help create an awareness for responsibly disposing of the waste we create each day.

Roger Bacon Community Garden--Using a Mayerson Service Learning Grant, our students designed and built a community garden. Over 80 pounds of vegetables were donated to local charities with the food they grew.

Professional Involvement

Resume and Cover letter

OCEA Presenter 2012